"I believe lust and love form perfect unions and the stars do align for true love." 
"Panty-less is the only way to read my romance."
On October 17, 2014, I published my debut novel, Siri’s Heart and it quickly climbed Amazon's Bestseller Rankings to #620 overall in the Kindle store. Since that time, I have ranked #1 under three different Amazon categories, which propelled me to #32 in Amazon's top 100 ranked erotic authors. 

I've been interviewed for USA Today, Happily Ever After Blog along with The V3TV Network with Vaughn Joseph, and quoted in YourTango, My Joy Online, Men's Health, Bustle, Prevention Magazine, StyleCaster, and The Real Daily.
I invite you to join thousands of readers and embark on an unforgettable modern day fairytale romance between 
Maximus Aurelius Moore, an Army Aviator, and 
Siri Wright, a Vegas Dancer,
in my bestselling romance series:
Siri's Saga: A Scorching Stripper's Love Story
From the very first page, Aurei's thunderous journey to unlock Siri's Heart is one hell of a wild ride full of twists and turns you won't see coming, laugh out loud humor and scorching, panty-melting heat, guaranteeing more than a few happy endings along their path to forevermore. 
Reviewers Wrote:
"Maximus is one sexy mofo. Sexy AF" ~ 5 Star By Mindy

"Siri is so uniquely special, beautiful inside and out, strong, passionate." 
~ 5 Star ~ by Erotic Romance Book Blog with Sandy

"I said it before and I’ll say it again.
This series is a brilliant piece of writing magic!
Thank you Jessika for giving us this outstanding series!" ~ 5 Star ~ by Cynthia Hughes

"I am invested in these characters and I can't wait to get more of them. I am grateful to be a part of their world!" ~ 5 Star ~ By A. Branch

"I adore this series, it’s just so wright, but I can’t help but want a lot Moore of this sensational story. As always Ms. Klide has masterfully woven a complex, multi-layered and entirely addictive story.
The characters, both main and secondary- are all really well developed with fully realised personalities and traits. I loved watching Siri and Aurei develop over the series. They branded themselves on my heart, forever. Thank you Ms. Klide!" ~ 5 Star ~ By Angela Hayes

"WOW WOW WOW! I'm fully addicted at this point, and I just couldn't get enough. Her [Jessika Klide] diabolical twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat.... I have LOVED LOVED LOVED this series since the first book! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" 
~ 5 Star ~ by Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers

"This will be an unforgettable series for me. I ached for more and more of the story. 
I simply could not seem to get enough of hearing their fairy tale. It made me so happy to read each book and I would fall further and further in love with the characters.
Siri is simply an amazing woman who is strong, strong willed, independent, beautiful, caring, and a great business woman. She truly has the biggest heart and is so lucky to have found a man that cares about her the way that Aurei does. I loved hearing how her life was and hearing about the amazing friends she made along the way. I loved how she would stand up for herself and not let others run over her. She was a feisty character and I think that is what made her so amazing to read about.
Aurei Moore is my new book boyfriend and I will be comparing him to others from now on. There is no way anyone could compare to the things that he did out of love for Siri. He loved her with his whole heart and did so many surprising things for her that made my heart smile. 
His character was a living dream and there is no way I can forget him.
The series has been one of my favorites of all time . Jessika, you are my hero.
~ 5 Star ~ By Pam Snell

Savor their story in bite-size morsels,
nibbling your way through their sexy serial romance.
Written like a soap opera, when one book ends, the next one begins.
Am I really hardcore? 
You bet your a$$ I am. 

Fuck! I sound like a cocky, son of a bitch. But the hardcore truth is... I am that good. I leave 'em wanting more of Moore.
Sexy and Hard going
By Irma J.
This book was amazingly hot. We get to meet the hero and although he sounds cocky, you can not not fall for him.
Greatly written, I felt like this author really knows how to write a mans POV.

Short, steamy, and definitely worth reading. I can't wait to read more.

Oh, and that - Affirmative - has never sounded so sexy before.
Fuck it! I have NEVER lost my shit over a woman.

When I arrive in Vegas, my intentions are only to scout out the stripper at Been Jammin', then Seary bounces onto the stage.
By ERBB/Shannon
There really is no other word for this book but HOT!!

 Aurei is the type of guy all women would love to be with and he is beyond fascinated with Seary. 

Seary is the type of woman most women only dream of being. 

These two really keep the pages heated up together or separate!
Who is that stud?  

When Siri Wright, aka Seary, sees a young man talking to her landlord in Alabama, she recognizes that this handsome hunk is loaded with the 'IT' factor. 
Steaming hot!!!! 
Not what you were expecting but so much more!
By Shelenes Reading Views
Absolutely worth reading! 
I can say in all honesty that you will read and feel the need to take notes. I never knew a person could have so much fun with milk and cookies!! 🍪🍪 🍪 Good lord! Everytime you think you know where the story is going - you will be surprised and happy you were wrong! I can't wait to read the rest.

Wild Thang
You've got to be kidding me! Swingers?  

When TD begs Siri to attend a cocktail party with him, she doesn't see the level of deception he has played on her. 
Siri-ousley you must read this series...
By Deb Hanson
Leave your insecurities and underwear at the door for this one, you won’t be needing either...

Not only will she teach TD a lesson, but will open up these couples to a whole new to swingers, not everything is about and surrounding sex, Siri will show them what else is on offer. Let me say, I’d be interested in to check out a party like Siri’s...
Aurelius! What a sexy name for the Golden God!

I'm going to scorch him, brand him, and make him mine! I want more with Moore!
Freaking Amazing
By Jen Borne
No lies. I will tell it to you straight... not curved....THIS SERIES IS ONE OF THE BEST I'VE EVER READ.

Aurelius kicks off where Siri gets home after the wild swingers party. Guess who she runs into when she gets home. Yes you've guessed it. Mr Golden God himself. And straight away the heat and chemistry between them is back up to unbearable.
Secrets are told but some still kept in this installment.

This was the best one yet and I'm itching to read the next book in the series.
If Ruth thinks she can scare me off MY man, she's got another thing coming!

When Siri is confronted by the women in Aurei's past, she discovers he is every girl's dream.
Scorching 🔥🔥
By Lainey DS
Fictional  Book Fantasies

When Aurei takes Siri to meet his buddies to his local stomping ground Siri finds herself centre stage taking Aurei with her (much to the amazement of his friends).
The crazy stalker is there which has Siri feeling what jealousy takes like when it comes to how protective she feels about her man... yes she has claimed him
as hers just as Aurei asserts his Alpha claim on Siri.

Loved this book and cannot wait until the next book in the series is released!
Seriously! The bitch, Ruthless,  doesn't know when to quit! 

When Siri is threatened by Ruth, Aurei flies her to Rome where he knows he can protect her. 
Together they are unstoppable!
From Vegas to Rome, the love story of Siri and Aurelius continues. 

Siri has been open with him, and now he must decide if he can share his past. His business, family, and friends are all in Rome. Siri is more than excited at this chance to become more intimate with her “Golden God” ;) But the beauty of Rome becomes tarnished when Siri encounters women from his past. 

The sex scenes are hotter than ever (how do you keep it so fresh and new?!?!) I can’t get enough of these two!
Kitten Thang
Sweet Zeus! This man is complicated!

Siri is not prepared for what happens and when Aurei confesses his dark secret to her, she is rattled to her core.
A five-star read that will have you screaming wildly!!
By Sara Oxo
This series just gets hotter and hotter, Siri is just quiet possibly the hottest woman alive. 

Aurei is telling her his darkest side but will she ever allow that to stop the love that has grown? Could you love someone even if they have secrets? 

I don’t want to give the game away, but blimy this story is so hot I’m surprised my fingers didn’t melt. I want a love as hot as this pair, it steamed my glasses and I wasn’t able to put it down.

 Best book of the series yet!!
I feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

The tabloid headlines read: "Italy's most eligible bachelor, Maximus Aurelius Moore, flaunts a stripper in your face."
Bound together by Love
By Lainey DS- Fictional Book Fantasies 
This book had all the feels. Everyone deserves to have their own Aurei!

Aurei and Siri make a dash to escape the headlines and paparazzi when words gets out Maximus Moore is hooking up with a stripper but nothing could be further from the truth.

Siri meets Quintus and although there is initially a strong physical attraction and it makes Siri test her love and commitment, it also makes Siri come to the realization that she wants nothing more than to be bound to Aurei in every possible way.

I absolutely love this series it feels like I’m catching up with old friends.
Angel Thang
Mia is freaking out over my being here. 

Mia views Siri as Enemy #1 and lays a brilliant plan to force the stripper to sacrifice herself to save the man she loves. 
Fantastic Story!
By Cynthia Hughes

Wow! Jessika keeps writing fantastic books in the series! They keep getting better! It was so hard for me to put down!

In this book Aurei takes Siri to Italy to meet his family. Siri is not sure his family will like her, but they do, well almost all. Mia, his VP, tries to break them up!

Siri dances and sings her way into their hearts! There’s an amazing karaoke night! It felt like I was there! Their love for each other is strong and they have amazing chemistry!

I Love this series! 
I can’t wait to see what happens next!
The Bastard Son 
of Thor
Vegas, Baby, Vegas! Back to my stompin' ground!

 Determined to be independent, Siri takes off alone to  see Cat. 
Famous last words?
I won't be in any danger.
By Bonnie Mancuso

 Jessika writes some wickedly hot sex scenes. But things aren't always perfect for our golden couple. 

Siri is determined to keep her independence. Knowing he can't hold his Wild Thang back, Aurei leaves her to take care of a few things on her own. But when Siri is abducted in the parking garage, does the Bastard Son of Thor have what it takes to save her? Or will his Angel Thang be lost to him forever? 

This is another exciting addition to Siri and Aurei's story. I absolutely loved it.
Seary's Finale

Back on the stage where Siri belongs, she throws a bachelor party sprinkled with major trickery of the BEST kind, proving she is UNFORGETTABLE!
By Angelina
As much as I didn't want Aurei and Siri's story to end, I really enjoyed this book. Many of the characters you meet throughout the series, make an appearance in this book as Aurei and Siri are back in Las Vegas.

A couple friends are getting married and their party is taking place in Sin City of all places. Siri has already planned when her last show as Seary will take place.

I really liked how Aurei and Siri's relationship progressed throughout the series.  I also liked how the setting changed often but came full circle at the end with Aurei and Siri back where Aurei originally laid eyes on her. 

If you love steamy romances, this whole series is up your alley!
Also available for purchase at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo
Experience the entire epic fairytale romance in this EXCLUSIVE internet offer!
Not available anywhere else!
All twelve books under the original cover! 
That's 269 Chapters, 2,542 pages, 424,228 words!

Standalone Romance Stories
Donut Dilemma
*Feather, you are very fly.*
I frown at my phone. Feather? *Wrong number. Try again.*

When college graduate, Farrah Ford, takes a job at Do Donuts, she is pretty sure she is texting the love of her life. The problem is she isn't sure who he is.  Frosted Stripes or Celebration Sprinkles?
#Dominant or #Delicious
After graduating Farrah has a night out with her friends ...
By Nean
After graduating Farrah has a night out with her friends, and can’t remember much of it, which doesn’t bother her, until she takes her little sister to the donut shops and after a small disaster, a handsome man, who must be a doctor, helps her saying he met her Tuesday night leaving her confused.

When Farrah receives a text, she is convinced it’s from the doctor, Cade, but then she meets her boss, Justin who she knows and isn’t so sure.
Farrah can’t work out if the texter is Cade or Justin, and. decides that going braless may help her work out who it is. With the flirting and sexting Farrah really needs to work out who it is texting her. 

Things with her boss Justin heat up and the texting heats up, but Farrah still can’t work out which one is texting, when Justin wants to meet up with her at midnight, Farrah’s going to get her answer.
I Hope You Dance
Fate is a fickle fellow. 

At twenty-seven, Vicki had it all. She was a successful Broadway dancer, living the dream in the Big Apple. But when her mother became terminally ill, Vicki left it all behind to go home to cherish the woman who sacrificed everything for her to live her dream. Upon her death, Vicki promised her mother she would dance again, but her heart no longer desired fame and fortune. Now she merely wants to open a dance studio to share her passion with little princesses. 

When Nik was thirty-eight, he had it all. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter, and a successful career as an MMA fighter. Four years later, he is a widower with a traumatized princess, and a gym to run. Still haunted by his wife’s last word of encouragement "Dance," Nik tries to ease his pain by renovating the dance studio next to his gym.

When Vicki dances into Nik’s life, is fate finding a way to fix their misfortunes?
Sam, I Am
 I want her in my arms again. I want my lips on her lips again. I want my cock controlling her moans again.

When Dirk Sam arrives in London, he's on a mission to claim the one woman he will always love. 

Her name is Piper Wilson and she is his step sister!
Zane, A Scrooged Christmas
Zane Lockhart is a coldhearted, selfish Las Vegas cop who hates Christmas and proudly owns the nickname, Sergeant Scrooge. Refusing to celebrate it in any way except the bellowing of "Bah Humbug," he insists, "it's just another day." 

On Christmas Eve, while on patrol with his new partner, a K9 cop named Bruce Wayne aka Batman, he has a chance encounter with a hot chick and sets up a midnight date with her. Off-duty and ready to score a hookup, the two are getting acquainted when Zane comes face to face with a past full of scars, a present full of secrets, but a future full of hope. 

Then a robbery occurs.... 

This Christmas discover that real heroes are born not trained, that "Bah Humbug" can be weaponized, and that love is truly magical! 

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